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Anyone who struggles with OCD knows how intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors can take away what you love about life. You don’t need to suffer silently. I have dedicated my career to helping people just like you. Even if you’ve tried therapy in the past
specialized care could make all the difference.

Meet Dr. Elliot Kaminetzky

Hi!  I’m Dr. Kaminetzky and I am an OCD and anxiety disorders specialist.

I love what I do.

 I love it because I am able to help transform people’s lives. 

Exposure therapy is the gold standard of care for OCD and anxiety disorders. I have dedicated my career to implementing the treatment according to the latest research in cognitive behavioral science.

 I have seen the therapeutic progress patients have made when they have totally invested themselves in the treatment.

 I received my Ph.D. from Hofstra University – a program awarded for its training in cognitive behavioral therapy. I spent two years of my predoctoral training at The Reeds Center, a practice which specializes in OCD and anxiety disorders. Within Northwell’s OCD Center, where I completed my postdoctoral fellowship, I took a particular interest in group-based exposure therapy and started the Exposure Lab group which I continue to run out of my private practice.

 If you struggle with OCD, I am here for you. 


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