My OCD Care provides certification for licensed therapists who meet strict criteria demonstrating specialty. These criteria include: 

1) Completing one year of clinical supervision under Dr. Kaminetzky with a focus on the treatment of OCD and related disorders.

2) Demonstrate proficiency in diagnostic and functional assessment.

3) Demonstrate proficiency in case conceptualization. 

4) Demonstrate proficiency in using validated assessment measurements to record progress. 

5) Deliver full course of treatment in 10 individuals. 


The following individuals have met criteria for certification under the training of Elliot Kaminetzky, PhD:

Thomas DiBlasi, PhD, Staff Psychologist, My OCD Care and Long Island Psychological Services

Stephen Puliafico, PhD, Staff Psychologist, My OCD Care

Michael Ambrose, PhD, Staff Psychologist, My OCD Care

Eli Felt, PhD, Founder and Clinical Director: Anxiety and OCD Help

Adir Pinchot, PhD, Founder and Clinical Director: Anxiety Associates

Moses Appel, PhD, Founder and Clinical Director: ADO Psychology Center 

Rachel Kutner, PsyD, Founder and Clinical Director: Central CBT 

Naomi Bauman, PsyD, Founder and Clinical Director: Child Thrive Center


Dr. Kaminetzky’s Qualifications:

PhD Hofstra University: Heavy emphasis on CBT for OCD and Anxiety. (2011-2017)

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy lab, supervisor, Joseph Scardapane, PhD
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Lab, Under Dr. Joseph Scardapane, PhD
  • Phobia lab under Mitchel Schare, PhD, ABPP

Clinical Externship: Hofstra Student Counseling

Clinical Externship: The Reeds Center (2 years) 

Clinical Internship: JJ Peters, Bronx VA

Postdotoral Fellowship: Northwell Centers of Specialization; OCD and Bipolar Track

Founder and Clinical Director, My OCD Care, Private Practice Specializing in OCD and Related Disorders

Founder and Clinical Director, The Center for Child Behavioral Health

Adjunct Supervisor for Pace University

SPACE Certified

PCIT Certified Therapist, under Dr. Steven Kurtz


Postdoctoral Fellowship

The postdoctoral fellowship provides psychologists who have completed their internship with a unique opportunity to further their specialty in treating OCD and related disorders as well as learn the business skills necessary to succeed in starting an independent private practice should they choose to do so. 

We are currently seeking 4 postdoctoral fellows; 2 for the child track and 2 for the adult track for the 2024-2025 academic year. Please email if you are interested in applying.