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Our mission is to help parents struggling to manage their child’s behavioral and emotional problems,

Our team of Behavioral Specialists provide proven, goal oriented, online treatments which empower parents to independently address their child’s mental wellness needs

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SPACE for Child Anxiety & OCD with Dr. Eli Lebowitz

We will assist you in reaching your goals using the latest and most researched anxiety treatment tools available.

It was a great speaking with Dr. Eli Lebowitz about SPACE Below are some books by him describing the treatment.

If your child is experiencing anxiety, feel free to contact Dr. Kaminetzky to discuss whether SPACE is a good option for you. 646-504-1827

Conditions Treated

Disruptive Behavior & Tantrums
Anxiety & OCD

Many New Yorkers experience the same symptoms on a regular basis. Most people, however, don’t talk about it with others and some even feel shame or guilt about these experiences. In reality, most people have experienced one or more of these symptoms at one time in their life.

CBT Treatments Used

PCIT: Parent Child Interactive Therapy

PCIT is an extremely effective treatment for disruptive behaviors in children. It equips parents with effective tools to address these behaviors while improving their relationship with their child and setting consistent limits.

SPACE: Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions

Space is a recently developed cognitive behavioral treatment which focuses on training parents to shift from accommodating your child’s anxiety to learning supportive skills in helping your child through it. This is particularly helpful when the child is not independently motivated to engage in treatment

PMT: Parent Management Training

Parent Management Training is a cognitive behavioral treatment approach which guides parents into using effective skills at addressing challenging behaviors in children.

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