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Dr. Emma Kirschner

Dr. Emma Kirschner is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the My . Dr. Kirschner specializes in evidence-based treatments for childhood anxiety and mood disorders, with an emphasis on parenting-related treatments.

Dr. Kirschner is interested in working with parents to manage their own anxieties and interactions with their children. She is trained in the SPACE model, PMT, and has experience working with families utilizing both cognitive behavioral and attachment-focused techniques.
Dr. Kirschner graduated summa cum laude from Yeshiva University with a B.A. in psychology and went on to receive her M.A. and Psy.D in School-Clinical Child Psychology from Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. Dr. Kirschner has experience working with children and their families in a variety of settings, including school, outpatient, and inpatient settings. Additionally, she completed her year-long clinical rotation and Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Hospital where she worked with individuals from infancy to adulthood doing both assessment and clinical work. Dr. Kirschner’s unique experience working with individuals across the lifespan allows for a deeper developmental understanding when working with all of her patients.
In addition to seeing clients, Dr. Kirschner is the Chair of Ezrah L’Nefesh, a mental health initiative part of Project Ezrah, a nonprofit organization, whose mission it is to increase affordability and accessibility to mental health care.

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