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My OCD Care is excited to announce an online OCD Treatment  Group for college students.

The online group is lead by Dr. Elliot Kaminetzky, a clinical psychologist specializing in OCD and anxiety disorders.

This weekly online group delivered over a HIPAA compliant platform runs for approximately 60 minutes. The group is limited to cohorts of no more than 5 members. Members of the group will receive a full course of exposure and response prevention (ERP) treatment. 

Members of the group will have brief individual semi-monthly check-in with Dr. Kaminetzky.

The group is intended for individuals who:

1) Attend college and live in New York State

2) Have a primary diagnosis of OCD.

3) Require a level of care that does not exceed weekly outpatient ERP.

4) Is open to engaging in group-based online treatment in a collaborative and mutually supportive manner.

We will open up new groups depending on demand and scheduling.

Cost of group attendance is $250/month + one time discounted cost of intake, $175. Semimonthly check-ins are included in the cost. 

If you would like to learn more about the group or would like to schedule a free  consultation, please contact Dr. Kaminetzky at 646-580-4572 or complete this form