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I am a proponent and provider of teletherapy. I was recently quoted in article regarding my opinion. Here are some additional reasons why teletherapy is a great way of delivering quality psychological services.

1.It provides access to expert psychological care which is especially crucial in underserved (rural) areas.

2. Going to therapy can be difficult – anything that could make it easier for yourself to engage – such as not needing to leave your home, can be a great way to remove barriers to treatment.

3. Exposure therapy works best when conducted in a variety of settings. You can more easily generalize the impacts of exposure when you are doing them in the location that may be most difficult – such as your own home.

4. Teletherapy can be a great augmenter to in person therapy. Aside for the example in number 3, teletherapy can be used while on vacation so as to not interrupt the therapeutic momentum.

5. The time spent traveling to your therapist can instead be spent at the gym or reading a book you love.

6. Telethapy platforms that are HIPAA compliant should be used to ensure total confidentiality.

It is important to consult with a mental health professional when determining if teletherapy if right for you. Ensure that the therapist you are working with has experience treating individuals with your condition by teletherapy.

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