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One of the services offered through My OCD Care is Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). PCIT is the gold standard treatment which helps parents or caregiver(s) of children who struggle with numerous mood and behavioral issues. PCIT aims to empower the parent(s) to build a concrete skill set which are effective in improving their relationship with their child and setting consistent limits.

Parenting is hard work and we aren’t given a set of instructions on how to do it effectively. We get lost in the sea of parenting blogs filled with various opinions on how to parent. However, these don’t always translate to children with behavioral or mood disorders. Additionally, opinions could seem great but actually following through on them can be difficult. Lastly, what are these opinions based on? PCIT is the most researched intervention for childhood behavioral disorders and is increasingly being used to address mood disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders in children. Additionally, PCIT entails working with parents as they interact with their children and coaching the parent in adapting the skills to their child in real-time.

Behavioral and mood disorders in children is not the fault of anyone – including the parents and child. At the same time, the parent has the unique opportunity to address these issues through their relationship which can either reinforce these issues or decrease them. Child defiance is often based in anxiety. For example, if a child fears going to school he or she may use various disruptive behaviors which result in his or her being asked to leave the classroom. Effective indeed!

Dr. Kaminetzky was trained in PCIT under Dr. Steven Kurtz, one of 21 master trainers world-wide and certified through PCIT international. He utilizes a flexible approach which brings the treatment from the clinic to your living room. Bringing your child to a clinic can be quite difficult for parents. Dr. Kamintetzky provides a blend of home-based and internet-based PCIT. Internet based PCIT has been demonstrated by research to be as effective as clinic-based PCIT, with lower drop-out rates and higher client satisfaction.

If you think PCIT would be right for you and your child, feel free to reach out to Dr. Kaminetzky at or by phone 646-580-4572

To learn more about PCIT visit the official PCIT international website:

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